Oct 02

Discover Shambhala: a Journey of Consciousness and Enlightenment.

How many times have you been told that if you ‘leap, the net will appear?’ How often have you followed that advice? Do you have direct experience of the ‘net’ appearing only after you have leapt into something unknown or unseen? I believe several ‘nets’ have caught us all during our lives even if we have not been aware we had leapt into the unknown. Are you willing to take another leap? Are you willing to experience Shambhala?

We all know the consciousness of humanity is shifting, changing, and evolving in ways Tibetan Monk looking towards Shambhalamany of us have never considered. We are rapidly approaching what many consider a major turning point in human consciousness. Some believe the world may end, others believe we are on the precipice of a new birth in human consciousness. I agree with the perspective that we are poised to take a giant evolutionary leap into a magnificent new expression of human consciousness. We are currently presented with the opportunity to create a ‘Shambhala of the Mind.’ The term Shambhala grew out of Tibetan and Indian Buddhist traditions and means ‘Pure Land.’ I believe humanity is being called to create a state of ‘Pure Consciousness’ in order that we may experience the ‘Pure Land’ of Shambhala.

In order for us to do this however we must take a leap. We must be willing to step away from what we have always known and TRUST, really TRUST that GOD has our backs. We must be willing to go to those scary places, those places within that we have been unwilling to explore. I believe we are being called to take the Inner Journey of Enlightenment and discover our own limiting beliefs and how those self-imposed limitations are limiting the consciousness of humanity as well as our individual lives. We must leap and Trust that we shall be caught in the loving strong arms of Spirit. Thus, we shall be lifted up to something higher, something unknown, and something beyond our present comprehension into the Consciousness of Shambhala.

I know we could fill volumes providing proof of how the Universe has always supplied the net at just the right moment. How we screamed and flailed as we wished to feel the safety of the net, how we bounced higher than we could have imagined once the net threw us back into our lives.  Today I am asking you to step into your day and live from that place that knows…”there is no one and nothing against me.”  Live from the consciousness that knows you are forever uplifted, forever supported, forever sourced by the unlimited resource call GOD.  Begin today to live from the Consciousness of Shambhala and boldly declare your Truth, the Truth of GOD operating AS your life to everyone you encounter this day.

Balancing Rock representing the Inner Shambhala of ConsciousnessIf we all begin today to live life fully, to live beyond any sense of fear or limitation we begin to empower others to do the same. There are so many wonderful examples of this happening right now. I recently submitted a short post to a blog that is collecting 50,000 blessings from around the world before December 21st 2012. You are invited to submit your blessing, for yourself, the world, or humanity, on the Global Blessing Blog as well. Barbara Marks Hubbard, the famed futurist, has begun a campaign to celebrate the Birth of a New Era of Conscious EvolutionHumanity’s Team is celebrating Global Oneness day on Oct 24th. These are a just a few of the amazing initiatives that are bringing forth an expanded consciousness for the future of humanity. I encourage you to find the programs and people that you can engage with in order to serve this evolving vision for humanity’s next 100 years.

There is an old and often overused an acronym for the word TEAM, together everyone achieves more. I would like to suggest that the next great evolution of human consciousness is not about achievements or about gaining, collecting, earning, building or amassing, but rather it is about BEing MORE (Motion Of Reality Evolving). I believe we are called , as a collective, to BE the Motion of Reality Evolving. We are being called to actualize our beliefs in something greater than ourselves, to empower a world that works for everyone, to envision a world where borders are irrelevant, to participate in a community on consciousness rather than a community of form. The Evolution of Humanity is upon us and I encourage you to Leap into the unknown, Trusting that the net must appear and propel you even higher than you are in this moment, into the Consciousness of Shambhala. I believe when enough of us allow the net to propel us upward we shall know Shambhala as the Truth of our lives and this planet.

Then we can begin serving something greater than our planet…we can begin to serve Universal Peace.

Until next time,


Rev. Robert

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