Nov 11

Does It Have To Be This Way?

Can’t we all just get along? Why did this happen to me? Will I ever be a success? Who do these people think they are? These and so many similar questions have somehow become the basis of how so many people look at their lives today. Not long ago a dear friend reminded me that “The quality of my life is directly proportional to the quality of my questions.” The question I am thus called to ask is whether my questions look at what’s wrong with my life or what’s right with my life. Have a I asked myself recently “Does it have to be this way?”

Take a moment and ask yourself what questions you have been asking yourself lately? I can say I have been asking more negative question that positive during the past few months. I have been asking myself why did this happen to me? What did I do wrong? How could I have done better?  All of which subtly implies I did not do my best in the first place. None of these questions have served me in moving forward in the process of manifesting my dreams and desires. If anything, these questions have kept me stuck in a self feeding loop of questioning my abilities to fulfill my mission here on the planet.

I consider myself a very positive person. I strive to always see what is possible rather than what limitation are appearing in my life. I’m the person many turn to when they have forgotten the ‘song of their soul’ and know I can help them remember their own song. I however seem to have forgotten some of the lyrics to my own song. That is why I recently turned to a Professional Practitioner of Religious Science and asked for help in remembering my center, my song, the calling of my heart and soul. That person did a fantastic job of guiding me to a place where I could once again affirm my own abilities and talents, a place where I could once again trust in my skills and mentally know I am here to make a difference. She asked me questions that caused me to ask myself even more thought provoking questions. She never asked me “why”  I believed as I did. She asked quality questions that served to lead my thinking in a direction that brought my Truth into focus for me once again. Having someone in my corner that did not judge my lack of confidence or the fact that I was questioning myself was helpful and incredibly supportive.

As I reflected upon where my life has been during the past few months I remembered that I was here to make a difference, as is each of you. I re-affirmed that I have the skills, training and presence to be that same conduit of remembering for others as this woman has been for me. In fact, I get to return the favor and be a confidant, a listening ear, a Professional Practitioner for her as well. Sometimes I am the singer and sometimes I am listening to the beauty of GOD’s voice echoing through another’s voice.

I know each of you has incarnated here on planet Earth with a unique set of skills, talents and gifts to share with the world. I know as human beings having a spiritual experience we can sometimes get knocked off center, we can sometimes begin to ask ourselves the types of questions that lead to dismay or even depression. I also know we can ask the questions that affirm our existence and thus serve us in moving towards our goals and dreams more effectively.

The one question I often use and have found to be incredibly beneficial is simple. It is easy to remember and can be used in many different situations. I suggest that whenever you are unsure of the meaning behind an event, what you are being called to do, or how you will accomplish something just ask yourself, “Does it have to be this way?” If the only possible answer to this question is YES then you have no need to question any further and your path is clear. If, however, and what I find to happen most often,  you answer NO then you have a wealth of opportunities to explore. Whenever I ask this question and a client answers NO they immediately begin to see alternative paths, various ways of being, or new perspectives of how they can live life more fully.

“Does it have to be this way?”  Provides the space and time to explore how you can experience the details and events of your life differently. “Does it have to be this way?” invites you to change your perceptions of your life and how you are accomplishing your mission. “Does it have to be this way” opens the heart and allows GOD’s perspective of your life to emerge more fully than ever before.

In my spiritual counseling practice I serve many individuals in exploring the current experiences of their lives. Sometimes we explore what appears to be going wrong, and other times we explore what is absolutely going right. Regardless of the why behind our sessions together the end result is always the same. My clients learn how to ask themselves better questions. They learn to ask the type of quality questions that produces a quality life. They are supported in remembering their own Divinity, their own unique purpose and mission for being on the planet at this time.

If you would like to learn more about how you can learn to ask yourself better questions, how you can support yourself in creating the life you truly desire or simply allow yourself to be pampered with a Professional Practitioner session or dive deeply into a complete Visionary Breakthrough Coaching program I would be pleased to offer my services. Simply visit my site, learn more about me and then ask yourself if working with me would benefit you in creating the life you truly desire. If you answer YES then contact me and I’m happy to schedule a complimentary session with you to explore the possibilities rather than staying mired in the limitations.

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